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Our Reports

Take a look at the reports of some of our projects. "Heart for Bulgaria" seeks to help, to serve and to inspire hope towards a better future.

Support our work to make a difference! 

Christmas Campaign 2023

"Heart for Bulgaria" has given presents to the children and the staff of the Charity "Faith and Love 92" at their annual Christmas Party. It was delightful to participate at their event and see so many happy children and grateful staff. A special thanks to Gergana Vaseva (director) for the good partnership over the years.

Xmas 2023 Presents.HEIC

Christmas Campaign 2023

"Heart for Bulgaria" has distributed 316 food packages to elderly [people and such with disabilities in Bratsigovo. We are grateful for the good partnership with the clubs for retired people and people with disabilities. It has once again been a very successful campaign with many grateful people. 

Xmas 2023 Food.HEIC

Christmas Campaign 2023

"Heart for Bulgaria" has distributed fire wood and helped with heating bills for people in need. Winters are cold and this much needed help was gratefully received. It has once again been a very successful campaign with many grateful people. A big thank you to all the sponsors!

Xmas 2023 Wood.HEIC

"Granny's Grandchild" Project!

The "Granny's Grandchild" Project could finally be relaunched (2022). "Heart for Bulgaria" is happy to see this precious work back in action!


Read more.


Supporting Ivalena and her Family

"Heart for Bulgaria" has been supporting a precious young girl with a very rare sickness in the past and since this year (2021) our support is on a regular basis. Ivalena is 15 and her "autoimnue epilepsis" with "diabetes type 1" has caused a tremendous regress in a happy child that was born healthy. Read more...

Partnership with Others

"Heart for Bulgaria" has been supporting other organisations doing a good work, notably NGO "Faith and Love 92" under the directorship of Gergana Vaseva. Over the years we have donated towards their Christmas parties and summer holidays, as well as provided practical aid, such as fitness equipment. 

Our partnership is strong and mutually appreciated.


Club for People with Disabilities

The Club for People with Disabilities in Bratsigovo has 135 members, most of whom are also retired. The challenges are many, but "Heart for Bulgaria" have been a faithful and much appreciated partner in supporting the club and its activities and excursions.

Dimitrika Kaneva (picture) is doing a great job in caring for these precious people. Her own condition gives her challenges, but the scooter we provided made life easier for her.

Scooter Dimento 2.jpg

Christmas Campaigns 

"Heart for Bulgaria" has organised many food packages for the elderly and people with disabilities via the clubs for the elderly and disabled in Bratsigovo during our Christmas campaigns 2021 and 2022. We provided basic ingredients like oil, flour and salt, as well as other food products, such as cheese, lentils and sugar.

Many people were incredibly grateful for this much needed aid.

Food 2021 26.jpg

'Donate Warmth'

Our Christmas campaign 2020 in partnership with FCTrelief to provide fire wood, food packages and other much needed aid, was a great success! Our campaign took place 'at the right time' and was very helpful, said "Baba Mara" (Maria Donova), former vice-president of the Red Cross in Bratsigovo, Bulgaria.


You are welcome to contact us for our next campaigns.  Thank you!

"Warm Meals for Medics"!

During December 2020 Heart for Bulgaria was supporting a campaign to provide warm meals to medical staff at the overcrowded state hospital MBAL Pazardzhik. Heart for Bulgaria has donated ten days of warm meals for the day-shift at the emergency ward and the ambulance ward 112. The local TV report. Local newspaper reports  Pazardzhik Today  (Bulgarian only)

Old People's Home

The elderly who have little or no support from their family, have it very hard in Bulgaria. But Shterkovo is a beautiful little care home "Heart for Bulgaria" has been supporting with food and other donations.


The personal touch with love and attention we give while handing out aid, is much appreciated by these precious people.

Shterkovo 2.jpg

Scooter for Poli

Poli's life was revolutionised by the electric scooter we donated to her. Life with disabilities is challenging, especially in countries like Bulgaria. She is ever to grateful for this gift and the mobility it has given her for everyday life and work.


She can take good care of herself and is a blessing to those around her. 


Portable Cardio

In December 2019, "Heart for Bulgaria" donated a mobile cardio machine to the ambulance 112 in Pazardzhik. This made a tremendous difference for their work.

The local newspaper also reported on the donation in December 2019.

Cardio 1.jpg

Hospital and Red Cross

"Heart for Bulgaria" has organised two major aid transports and a number of smaller ones. The state hospital Pazardzhik and the Red Cross (Branch Pazardzhik and Bratsigovo) have been the main recipients of medical and other goods. A hospital in Switzerland had donated electric hospital beds, furniture and other utilities we transported to Pazardzhik. The Red Cross received clothes, bicycles and other aid for their work.


Supporting Orphans

"Heart for Bulgaria" has supported the orphanage in Bratsigovo and made a huge impact! We bought clothes for the children, donated presents and created a hairdressing salon and sponsored courses for the orphans.


Giving orphans skills is vital for their future and the chance to find work and build a career.


Special Needs School

One of the first projects of "Heart for Bulgaria" was the sponsoring of an industrial cooker in the then Special needs School Ivan Vazov in Pazardzhik. The kitchen for the special needs children were provided with better facilities and infrastructure. "Heart for Bulgaria" sponsored the full renovation of what is now a sensory room for the disabled children. The large room was full renovated with new windows, doors, flooring and walls.


How it all Started

The work of "Heart for Bulgaria" started long before the Association was registered in 2012. We cannot be indifferent when people suffer and one should do what one can do. Bulgaria has a high rate of abandoned or orphaned children and in recent decades several organisations have come to their rescue. With the joining of the EU (2007), Bulgaria has made big progress in view of the problems regarding orphans and abandoned children, as well as the poor and disabled. 

Gordon has been helping as he was able to since 2001. With the founding of the charity, our involvement became even more serious. We have since launched many successful campaigns and projects. "Heart for Bulgaria" seeks to provide opportunities and inspire hope towards a better future (Read more About Us). We seek to help those who want to help themselves.


"Heart for Bulgaria" has managed to make a difference in the lives of individuals. Our campaigns have been targeted and made the most with the resources entrusted to us. We are grateful towards our sponsors and look forward to more work for the benefit of grateful people who need a helpful hand with a loving heart.

We are Heart for Bulgaria because we have a heart for people!


Gordon Merk in 2001 in a Roma neighbourhood.


Gordon Merk in 2021 in Pazardzhik (Hospital).

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