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Our Projects

"Heart for Bulgaria" has completed many projects over the years (see Reports and Gallery for more information). 

See below for our current projects! 

Supporting Ivalena and her Family

"Heart for Bulgaria" has taken responsibility as of last year (2021) to regularly support Ivalena and her family with basic medical and sanitary expenses. Her autoimmune epilepsy is a rare and self-destructive sickness that has caused a healthy, happy child to lose her speech, part of her mental abilities and most of her mobility. It's a heartbreaking story, but the single mother and her parents are heroically trying to provide Ivalena with as much quality of life as possible. "Heart for Bulgaria" has recently helped buy a wheelchair to make mobility easier.

Ivalena has been treated both in Bulgaria and Germany, mainly due to generous donors in a fundraising campaign. Unfortunately, funds were often insufficient to do the full treatment and despite good results at one time, the sickness could not be cured. Doctors here did their best, but presently there is not much that can be done and virtually nothing to actually advance a healing process. This is partly due to the rarity, and therefore lack of expertise, of this autoimmune epilepsy. The precious girl has even endured several days in a coma in 2016, yet has pulled through. She needs regular medical treatment in hospitals and her medical expenses are considerable for an average income family. She needs 24-hour care. Both the single mother and her son as well as the grandparents are doing a heroic job to provide quality of life (often at their own expense).

You are most welcome to support Ivalena! Thank you!

"Heart for Bulgaria" has sponsored to renovate a room and make a bathroom in the family house for Ivalena. This way there is easy wheelchair access and more comfort for every-day life. Your support is greatly valued! Please contact us to donate. Thank you! 

Ivalena Wheelchair 2.jpg

Ivalena's new wheelchair makes life much easier!

"Granny's Grandchild" Project Relaunched!

"Heart for Bulgaria" had five retired ladies employed who cared for abandoned and disabled children in the "Granny's Grandchild" Project. Due to restrictions related to Coronavirus, the project was put on hold in 2021, but was relaunched in June 2022! Currently, one lady is working in this project.


This project is a "double-help": the retired ladies can top-up their (usually low) pensions and through their work needy children get more personal care and one-to-one attention. The programme was started by another charity several years ago, but became dysfunctional, before "Heart for Bulgaria" took up the idea. We are very pleased with this good work, and so are the ladies, but especially the children.


If you are interested in sponsoring this project, you can contact us. Thanks!

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