Our Projects

"Heart for Bulgaria" has completed many projects over the years (see Reports and Gallery). Our main and permanent project is a programme called "Granny's Grandchild," retired ladies who care for abandoned and disabled children in a family-type home in Pazardzhik.

"Granny's Grandchild"

"Heart for Bulgaria" currently employs five retired ladies who care for abandoned and disabled children. This is a "double-help": the retired ladies can top-up their (usually low) pensions and through their work needy children get more personal care and one-to-one attention. The programme was started by another charity several years ago, but became dysfunctional, before "Heart for Bulgaria" took up the idea and is now into its seventh successful year. We are very pleased, and so are the ladies, and especially the children.


This is a precious project that could be expanded if more sponsors are found. Do contact us if you want to contribute!

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