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"Granny's Grandchild" Project!

The "Granny's Grandchild" Project could finally be relaunched (2022). "Heart for Bulgaria" is happy to see this precious work back in action! Read more.

Supporting Ivalena and her Family

"Heart for Bulgaria" has been supporting a precious young girl with a very rare sickness in the past and since this year (2021) our support is on a regular basis. Ivalena is 14 and her "autoimnue epilepsis" with "diabetes type 1" has caused a tremendous regress in a happy child that was born healthy. Read more...

The renovations at their home have made a huge practical impact on the girl and her family. 

A once happy and healthy girl...

'Donate Warmth'

Our Christmas campaign 2020 in partnership with FCTrelief to provide fire wood, food packages and other much needed aid, was a great success! Read our report here; read FCTrelief's report here.


You are welcome to contact us for our next campaigns. Donations are much needed and people's gratitude is enormous. Thank you!

"Warm Meals for Medics"!

During December 2020 Heart for Bulgaria was supporting a campaign to provide warm meals to medical staff at the overcrowded state hospital MBAL Pazardzhik. The local TV station Telekabel included our involvement in this campaign. Heart for Bulgaria has donated ten days of warm meals for the day-shift at the emergency ward and the ambulance ward 112. 

In local newspapers: Pazardzhik Today and Marica; publication to encourage donations: Pazardzhik Today  (Bulgarian only)

Grateful staff during the overcrowded Covid-period. The campaign of "Heart for Bulgaria" has inspired many others to donate and continue this project. 

TV Special!

In December 2019, bTV made a special report on a part of our work: a donation of a mobile cardio machine for the ambulances and our renovation at the maternity ward a couple of years ago. Click here!

The local newspaper also reported on the donation in December 2019.

Cardio 1.jpg

Dr Stoyanova (left) with the portable cardio (right).

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