Mission Statement

"Heart for Bulgaria" serves the disadvantaged and families,

provides opportunities for people willing to help themselves, and seeks to inspire hope towards a better future.

Mission Principles

(1) Help for the Disadvantaged and Families

"Heart for Bulgaria" serves the disadvantaged and families with various charitable means with a special focus on the poor, disabled, abandoned, orphaned and elderly, and thus seeks to restore dignity and an acceptable way to live toward a better and meaningful future.

(2) Help for Self-Help:

"Heart for Bulgaria" provides opportunities in various areas of life for people willing to help themselves towards a better and independent future. We encourage those we helped to do the same for others.

(3) Help as Investment:

"Heart for Bulgaria" seeks to invest into people and projects were it sees the potential of effective development and good prospects according to its purpose, aims and values.

TV Special!

In December 2019, bTV made a special report on a part of our work (broadcasted during prime time news): a donation of a mobile cardio machine for the ambulances and our renovation at the maternity ward. Click here!

Mission Partners

"Heart for Bulgaria" is a charity registered in Bulgaria (since 2012), and supported mainly by FCTrelief Switzerland.


Gordon Merk in a Roma neighbourhood in 2001